For Sale: Updated May 7th / 2017

Selling a few of my Polaroid cameras and accessories.  All items are second hand, were kept in storage and have been well looked after.

Can meet in Tenjin or Nakasu.

Payments also accepted by registered mail. Postage extra.

Send a message with the contact form.

Giving away – FREE EXPIRED 120 FILM


#2: SX-70 Folding Camera and Original Case

Polaroid SX-70 Camera with a case. This model has the split-image rangefinder circle for focusing and original brown leather covering. Brown Polaroid leather case included.

 Polaroid SX-70 Camera and Case. Open view.

SX-70 Polaroid Camera and Original Case

Polaroid SX-70 Camera and Case. Flat view.
SX-70 Camera and Original Polaroid Case flat view




Boxes have signs of wear but accessories are like new and are in excellent condition.

SOLD Conversion Lenses: Rare set in excellent condition.

#3: Wide Angle Lens: Polaroid SX-70 Aroma brand
0.7 wide converts 116 mm master lens to a 90 mm wide angle lens. 

#4: Telephoto Lens: Polaroid SX-70 Aroma brand
1.4 Tele converts 116 mm master lens to a 152 mm telephoto. 

Polaroid SX-70 wide and tele  lenses and holders

polaroid sx-70 lens cases and boxes

A rare set in excellent condition. Wide and Tele lenses. Aroma brand made in Japan

Included with each lens.
Front and rear lens caps, lens adapter, case, instructions, and original box.

Lens adapter attaches to Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder (Accessory Holder not included)

#5:  SOLD Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder with original box 


Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder with original box

Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder with original box

#6: Lens Shade with original box ¥3,000. Slides over the Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder (You will need to buy an Accessory Holder)


Polaroid sx-70 lens shade


#7: Polaroid SX-70 Self-Timer: ¥6,800 with original box


Polaroid SX-70 Self-Timer and box
Polaroid SX-70 Self-Timer fitted to camera


#8: Remote shutter release button with original box ¥5,500


polaroid sx-70 remote-shutter button


#9: Tripod Mount with original box ¥5,500

polaroid sx-70 tripod mount

Other accessories: Not pictured.
#10: Close-up Lens for macro ¥3,500 (no box) Slides into the Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder

#11: Flash Bar Diffuser  ¥3,000 (no box)



Expired Film  期限切れフィルム

Format 120 Fuji  Velvia 100F  x 4 rolls

ISO  100 RVP F 100  expired  2009-5

120 Fuji RDP11  100   x 2 Rolls

120 AGFAPAN APX 100  x 2 Rolls Black and White  (vintage – but kept in refrigerator)

Always stored in the refrigerator. I processed a few rolls of the Velvia 100F  recently and didn’t have any problems.

These are 120 format and work in a medium format camera. They are NOT 35mm



Polaroid Polacolor 879 8 x 10 Film

Unopened box of colour Polaroid 8 x 10 film.

15 photos. Film Speed ISO 100

Always stored flat and kept in a smoke-free environment. This is expired discontinued film and cannot be guaranteed.

expiry date Dec 99


polaroid polacolor 879 8 x 10


#1: SX 70 Polasonic Autofocus 5000

polaroid Autofocus 5000

POLASONIC AUTOFOCUS 5000 INSTANT LAND CAMERA – non-foldable Polaroid camera.
Uses Polaroid SX70 compatible films.

1 element lens with fixed aperture (103mm, f14.6).

Shutter speed 1 – 1/150 sec.

Exposure compensation dial. Auto and manual focus. Strap included.
In Very Good Condition.



Can meet in Tenjin, Nakasu or around Hakozaki.

Serious inquiries only. Cameras and accessories sold AS IS



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